Delray Beach
Serving the Children of the World

History of Our Club

 The Sunrise Kiwanis Club of Delray Beach held its first organizational meeting on June 20, 1973.  The first program was given by Matthew Mitchell and Jack Moore on June 22, 1973 entitled “Your Police Department”.  We officially received our charter on July 11, 1973. The first charter night celebration and installation of officers was held on September 28, 1973. As the only Kiwanis club now in Delray Beach, on October 1, 2017 we officially changed the club's name to Kiwanis Club of Delray Beach, dropping the name "Sunrise".

The club was incorporated as a Florida non-profit organization on April 10, 1974. The Kiwanis Club of Delray Beach - Sunrise Foundation was incorporated on August 11, 1997.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of having several Mayors/Commissioners of Delray Beach as members and President:  Tom Lynch and David Randolph, who were also charter members; Jerry Taylor, who also became Mayor of Boynton Beach; and Jay Alperin, who became a member in November of 1973 and is still a member of our Club.

The Club inducted the first female member in South Palm Beach County, Mary McCarty.  We are honored to also have a past Distinguished Lieutenant Governor in our membership, Scott Youngberg.

Our first fundraising activities began in the years 1974 through 1976.  They included:  Christmas tree sales, soap box derby, skateboard competitions, construction of playgrounds at Spady Elementary, a co-sponsored Christmas party at a nursing home, a Christmas party where Santa arrived by way of helicopter, a Summer Beach Festival, and the first T-ball league in Delray Beach formed, sponsored and umpired by our Club. 

At City Hall is a time capsule with biographical information of our Club that will be opened on July 4, 2026.