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New Members - 10/31/2018
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- 02/01/2018
Play In Our Night Golf Tournament - 3/2/18
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Delray Kiwanis 13th Annual Night Golf Tournament - March 2nd, 6:00 pm...........
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All proceeds benefit our Kiwanis Childrens Charities.

- 12/27/2017

Parks & Recreation Provides a Variety Of Programs

Our program on December 27th was presented by Suzanne Fisher, the Director of Parks and Recreation for Delray Beach.

   Suzanne gave us an overview of what’s going on with her department. The Parks and Recreation Department will enrich the quality of life for the people of Delray Beach by providing significant recreational opportunities in exemplary park environments.

   Parks and Recreation offers a variety of programs, activities and special events to everyone in the community as well as guests and visitors. Parks and Recreation maintains over 40 parks and recreational facilities including two pools, a splash park,...

- 12/23/2017
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Santa Claus Visits Our Adopt-A-Family

Through the direction of President Peggy, our club made Christmas special for four wonderful kids and their mother, our 2017 Adopt-A-Family. Santa and his Elves delivered the presents to the Marshall family amid great excitement, making it a very joyous occasion.
  Living on almost nothing, there was not going to be a Christmas for this family without our help. Our club provided a tree with ornaments with two bikes, a scooter and lots and lots of other presents.  

This is what Kiwanis is all about. 

A special Thanks to Carlene Laseter for buying the gifts and communicating with the family; to Ezra Krieg and his wife Marsha Eisenberg...

- 12/13/2017
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EBLB Making A Difference

Our program on December 13th was presented by Debra Tendrich, the CEO/Founder of Eat Better Live Better (EBLB).
   The mission of EBLB is to help prevent, reduce and reverse childhood obesity and provide families with nutritional plans and healthy foods. With over 12 million children and over 78 million adults suffering from obesity and poor nutritional habits, Eat Better Live Better is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to reducing those numbers one family at a time.
   Their program takes a hands on approach that will provide families with several skills and tools that are needed to create and maintain a nutritional diet plan while staying...

- 11/29/2017
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Jack The Bike Man 

   Our program on November 29th was presented by Samuel H. Hairston, better known as “Jack the Bike Man.” Throughout the year, Jack the Bike Man gives away thousands of bikes to underprivileged kids, the homeless, women reentering society from prison, recovering addicts in halfway houses and people living below the poverty line. For more than 20 years, Jack the Bike Man has fixed bikes and handed them out to needy children and adults in the area, especially around the holidays. All of this is made possible with the help of volunteers and contributions.
   What they’re best known for – an annual giveaway of more than 1,400 refurbished...

- 11/23/2017
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Happy Thanksgiving…………..

   Our club along with the help of our Key clubs, delivered 28 turkey dinners with all the trimmings to needy families and AVDA on Thanksgiving morning, making it a memorable day for all involved. We also had 18 frozen turkeys donated by PACE.
    Thanks to those who participated including Ezra Krieg and his family,  Alberta & Kevin Rickard, Steve Rubin, Peggy Kelleher, Tony Marazita and the American Heritage Key Club and Builders Club. Also Thanks to Jeff Goldman for getting us the names.
A Special Thanks to “Alberta Gaum Rickard & Peggy Kelleher”      

- 11/15/2017
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All-Inclusive Care For The Elderly

Our program on November 15th was presented by Paola Wierzbicki and Nadia Barreto-Najarro of Palm Beach PACE. PACE stands for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. As the Executive Director of PACE, Paola described all the comprehensive “one-stop” health services they provide. Palm Beach PACE is a complete health care solution for seniors who want to maximize independence and remain at home. Their coordinated approach provides comprehensive care tailored to the patient and streamlines the often confusing and complicated process of health care access.
   Seniors who are older than 55 and eligible for a nursing home through Medicaid can get...

- 11/08/2017
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Beds For Every Child - A Dream Come True

Our program on November 8th was presented by Suzanne Broad, the Executive Director for Sweet Dream Makers.  Their mission is to promote the health and wellness of children and families by providing beds, bedding and essential furniture.
   Sweet Dream Makers provides new beds at no cost to children and families sleeping on the floor, sharing beds or sleeping in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. Each child gets to choose their own bedding to go with their new bed.
   Hundreds of struggling families are referred to SDM through local children’s services agencies, teachers, police officers and employers. Referrals are reviewed and...

- 11/03/2017
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Kiwanis Terrific Kids

November 3rd was awards day for our Terrific Kids Program at Orchard View Elementary. There were over 160 awards and prizes.

Thanks to Lisa Lee, Peggy Kelleher, Carlene Lasteter and Larry Kristiansen for a “Terrific” Program.